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Have you forgotten what fresh, long green Mesilla Valley Chile tastes like?

The flavor it gives southwest dishes like beef or pork caldillo, enchiladas or the ever popular chile rellenos? Remember those plump, picoso, sabroso jalapeños. Well, Chilo's now turns those same tasty jalapeños into the best salsa in the valley. And what about Mole Poblano? Have you tried Chilo's Juan and only Mole Poblano?

Welcome to Chilo's Chile, located in southwestern New Mexico. Why New Mexico? Because that's where the Chile is! There is a lot of chile grown world wide, but the true connoisseur seeks out the chile grown in the Mesilla Valley of New Mexico. We want to share the flavor of the southwest with those new to New Mexico chile and those who have moved away and still have the desire to bring that familiar smell and taste back to their deprived pallets.

Chile is a farm commodity...(No kidding!) The variety of the seeds planted, ambient temperatures, and the amount of water the plant receives while being grown, all factor into the flavor and hotness (SHU–Scoville Heat Unit,Click here to find out what that is!) of the chile. The point we're trying to make here is that chile crops vary from year to year so it's important to have a source at the source to assure consistency in quality and uniformity. Chilo's is that source.

Chilo sums it up like this...

“All chile is good;
it's just that Chilo's Chile is great!

Chilo's offers fresh roasted, frozen long green chile in these main varieties...Joe E. Parker, Big Jim and Sandia, as well as preservative free jalapeño salsa in two levels of pungency and the Juan and only Mole Poblano shipped anywhere in the United States. Since it is fresh we will be selling only what the crop bears. If you so desire, we can keep you up to date as to when new crops become available.

So, if you are looking to replenish your depleted supply of roasted long green, jalapeños salsa or mole poblano and you desire to do so with the best green chile on planet earth, then send us a note! Let us know what you're looking for. We will help you choose the New Mexico green chile that best suits your needs, or just answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy your experience with us. We look forward to placing an order for you!

“Bon Appetite!!!”

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